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Welcome to my website

My name is Albertus Benni, a food and product photography enthusiast who built the site to share my works related to photography. I am very happy to see you here! 

Food and product photography is an art of making food and product looked appealing for everyone. It should be detailed and highlight the subject point of interest. The challenge is to make the photographed food look alive

“I had a big interest in photography since I was a kid. Before I fell in love with food and product photography, I owned and operated a photography studio for over 3 years and focused on wedding, potrait, and event photography. I started to be a food and product photographer since 2013. The first time I began to do food and product photography was when my friend  asked me to help him taking photos of his food products. Lately, I found myself enjoying food and product photography. I love arranging foods and making them look delicious in a photo. I feel that my passion is to become a food and product photographer. Then, I come to a decision that I have to start a photography service that focused on food and product. As a result, I wanted to start a site to share what I have done with food and product photography.”

Follow my instagram @albertusbenni if you’d like to see more content and updates.

 If you have any questions about me and my services please contact us.

Thanks for visiting,
Albertus Benni
Food and product photographer

photography product beer bintang albertus benni yogyakarta
albertus benni photography

Be please to contact me to set an appointment

it will be my pleasure to see you and discuss about your photography project

albertus benni photography

Glad to have you as a part of Albertus Benni’s photography

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